Work At Myrtleville

Myrtleville is home to two dining experiences Bunnyconnellan Coastal Restaurant and the Lodge Bar & Kitchen both with amazing views of the Cork coast.

Since 1976 the O’Brien family has run Bunnyconnellan Coastal Restaurant and The Lodge Bar & Kitchen in the scenic coastal village of Myrteville. In 46 years of hospitality, they have seen so many changes. Back in the early days, they had part-time workers both in the kitchen and front of the house as the business grew over the years, so did the employee numbers which reached 80 people both full time and part time on both premises before covid.

They have worked with fantastic and loyal employees over the years with some of the team working in the coastal area with them for many years. 


“A lot has changed over the years”

“At the end of the day our people matter, without them we don’t have a business, so looking after them must be our priority.”

Paul O’Brien, Owner  Bunnyconnellan Coastal Restaurant and The Lodge Bar & Kitchen.

This is not like a normal job as it creates so many great memories and best of all loads of lifelong friends have been made. They are very proud of the amazing people who make up our Bunnyconnellan & Lodge teams. Originating from all over the world, they come together as a family to create an atmosphere and a dining experience we hope you’ll enjoy and appreciate as much as we do.

Now as they come out of Covid they are looking to expand the team once again. They are offering the opportunity to work and live in a scenic coastal village. New staff will be helped to find affordable local accommodation. They are also exploring the possibility of our chefs working a 4-day week to provide a better work/ life balance.

Experience Myrtleville is about creating a more enjoyable and less stressful workplace for employees. This will take courage, investment, and commitment on the part of employers to create attractive working conditions for employees to benefit from, enjoy and thrive. They are proud to be championing a new approach to attracting and retaining hospitality staff.

Myrtleville offers a work-life balance like nowhere else….

Why Choose Us

Work Life Balance

We love to work, but we also love to live! Our Ethos is simple we live to work! working to live, no fun in that!


30 mins to one of the best cities in the world, It’s hard to ask for more than that!


In terms of education, there are plenty of options from pre-school to primary and secondary schools within the catchment area.

Places To Work

From established family-run restaurants to local cafes & Hotels 


An established family-run restaurant in an 1824 cottage on the cliffs offering dining and ocean views.

The foundations of Irish culture have always been hospitality, shared traditions, and pride in our collective history. We embrace all three at Bunnyconnellan, and we are very excited to welcome you to a new chapter in the multi-decade story of our Cottage on the Rocks.

The Lodge 

Coastal Pub With Outdoor Kitchen & Sheltered Courtyard Over Looking Myrtleville Bay

A unique location with beautiful scenery. Ideal to refuel after a sea swim with really good food and some of the best pints of Guinness you are likely to find anywhere else in the whole of Cork!

What Our Staff Say

Its hard not look forward to going to work with the Scenery!


Swimming after work where else would you get it!